Dr. Cindy Rich

Ph. D.

Dr. Cindy Rich

I believe that the most effective steps toward healing and lasting change involve choosing strategies that have been proven successful with others, while reflecting the goals of the individual, couple or family joining me in therapy.

Whether seeking help for distress, or looking for the keys that will help unlock growth and potential, together we can identify the issues that need to be explored and the paths that would be most useful in helping to clarify and attain your personal and relational objectives.

Using a personalized blend of interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic strategies, the therapeutic process will focus on your strengths, abilities, and uniqueness, as we walk together on a journey toward healing and wholeness.

My Specialty Areas: Children, Adolescents, Couples & Family. I also work with adults who are dealing with Divorce, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Post-traumatic Stress and Personal Growth. In addition, I have training and an interest in working with Gifted Children and their families.

My Background: My Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology is from Ohio University, with a specialization certificate in child therapy that included an internship at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. In addition to working with children and adults in therapy, I have been actively involved in research, public speaking, workshop presentations, and publishing in books and journals.